Thursday, September 30, 2004

Sing us a song

OOO OOO OOooOOO!!! While I remember. Is there ANYONE out there who even has just a half decent voice that would be prepared to sing to a few songs? The band desperately needs someone or something to sing along, because we're all too unco to play and sing at the same time... that and we suck at singing. You don't have to scream or anything, we're not one of those bands I don't think, we mainly play some Chilli Peppers stuff, umm.. there may be some White Stripes.. maybe Silverchair.. i dunno.. and don't worry if you suck at singing, that only makes us look better. Carry on the good work.


Blogger ameh said...

hahahha hey Sam only me :) I can't sing, but I just thought I'd post a comment so you feel loved. Byebye little one.
p.s. i can hum

4:22 AM  
Blogger kirbs said...

Thanks Amy, you can't believe how popular that's made me now :P hehehehe

9:00 AM  

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