Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Break the habit

Hello there. It's quite obvious that nobody reads or writes in their own blogs anymore, so this is now just something for me to do so I can keep track of stuff that's happening. I've decided to give up MSN for as long as I can, only because it's not doing me any good, and I feel i depend to much on it, and it's really testing me out as it's the first thing i usually think about when I'm bored. I gave up on Monday the 25th of October. And today's the 26th. *sigh*.. as long as I keep telling myself it's for the best I should be right, and as this is a deal I've made with myself, i'm finding it harder to break it. So now i'm looking for other creative outputs, which shouldn't take too long as there are so many different things out there.


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