Saturday, October 02, 2004

I'm going to dance like it's friday morning..

MORNING everyone. Tis quite windy outside this morning, although no-one else agrees, and for some unknown happy reason there's a really nice vibe in the air. There should be some markets on today or something, that'd be good. And now my neighbour has just gone to work which means I can play my drums although I probably won't. *sigh* I was going for a long story today, but everything I was going to say I forgot, so if it was important, I'll let you know, and if it wasn't important, i'll also let you know. One more thing, go here as it shows you some stupid things nerds say
If anyone finds this funny or even understands them, then let me know as I'd really like to find out if there's anyone else as nerdy as me out there. (By the way, the stuff there was taken from IRC chat rooms) Bye champs and champagnes, it's been loverly


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