Thursday, November 25, 2004

The People Under The Stairs

Oh mee gawd! You have to watch this movie, I love it. They showed it a couple of times on encore or showtime greats or whatever on foxtel, and it is sooooooo awesomeful. It's about this black kid and his two older accomplices that break into this house they want to steal money from, but once inside they get slaughtered by this freaky bondage/christian loving brother and sister duo who appear to have many deformed (inbred) children, which have somehow magically become zombies which live in the basement and get fed fresh meat from the victims. Oh, and the little black guy is called 'Foo' and the other girl that plays the main role looks like a girl i know. Yeah, so there you have it, pretty much explains itself really. Ohh because it's an older movie it has a lot of gore as well, which you can't find in the movies these days. So there you have it, drugs are bad.


Blogger JuSt JeSs said...

i used to be afraid of walking up and down my stairs coz i was convinced there was someone living under there. i used to have dreams that a monkey lived underneath the stairs and it would viciously lash into me and start tickling me. hope everyone has learnt a lesson by this comment - DO NOT TRUST THE MONKEY. UNSUSPECTING AT FIRST...but u really got watch them. i dont think i have a point to make...i might go...mingle...try and be cool.

6:47 PM  
Blogger kirbs said...

what are you talking about? *strokes his monkey* ahahahaha... hah..ha... sorry.

11:12 PM  

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