Sunday, March 20, 2005


Ok, yes yes, haven't blogged in ages et ceterarr and i still don't know why people keep checking back onto the blog expecting to find anything, and this really is an innapropriate time seeing i haven't started studying for an exam tomorrow as well as needing to finish off an assignment due tomorrow but hey, i find that if you fall asleep or start fiddling with a radio station it usually gets done. Band update: Still suck, but now it's like the type of suck that people reserve just to confuse you, like people will be like "Well yeah, they suck, but are they doing it on purpose??" And we'll all be like "We're the bees knees mama!" and then it just gets weird. My cat now has a pierced ear, dunno how, just rocked up with a pierced ear one day, so yeah, helps if you don't ask questions and accept the fact that a) Your cat is making some sort of statement or b) He's a complete panz and sucks at fighting. Soo tempted to chuck an earing in it. Was flicking through some trading post paper advertising cars and found out i could get a mini moke for $2500!! WOOOOOOOOOHOHOOOO!! but i don't have 2500 and if you don't know about mini mokes, well they really don't have doors on them, sort of like a roof slapped on top of a metal chassis, and i don't think that'd be good in the long run. mmm still royally bent over and screwed for the formal at the moment, and it seems that everyone else has helpful tips for me, so thank you, i do find them helpful, and if not, then they're at least a good distraction from other things. MONKEYS MONKEYS MONKEYS MONKEYS MONKEYS SLOTH MONKEY the end.


Blogger Dave said...

bout fuckin time... :)

yeh bout that mokes are shit.. all really old in a lot of disrepair and all thrashed or left out in open for many years so have turned into rust buckets...

ur cat's a panz sam.. haha chuck an earring in it just for fun, but dont let jaff get away or he'll prolly scratch his ear off tryin to get it out....

10:54 PM  
Blogger BeRnA said...

hey kirbs/!!! welcome back!! lol wooot!! ahahaha sucks to be jaffa!! aww im sorry poor jaffa

4:07 PM  
Blogger ang_with_the_G_backwards said...

*sits on sams lawn*

3:11 PM  
Blogger kirbs said...

*puts the sprinklers on and watches as Ang rolls about the yard screaming*

3:24 PM  

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