Saturday, August 13, 2005

Gotta keep movin to stay warm

Travolta and myself catching up during a business trip.

It is chilly. Ay. Just when you think winter has gone soft it comes out swinging it's tight little bundled fists of snow cone. Picked up the formal suit and the banana suit today. The formal suit is weird in the way that it feels like i'm wasting money every time I put it on and don't do anything while wearing it. The banana suit is so fun, it's easily everything I could ever ask for in a banana. Everytime I put it on I have to do an obligatory irish jig, and if things get too much to handle, I can just pull my head back in and take shelter inside it's comfy foam interior. I'd love to know what the neighbour cleaning her car next door was thinking when I stepped out of the car carrying a formal suit, a banana suit, and 6 pack of rum and coke. Obviously the good times were about to ensue. Now all I've been doing is playing that racing game where you drive your car down a ramp and use nitrous to fire the driver through the windscreen and see how high over the bar you can get them, before laughing your arse off as they flip flop about in the air and land on the ground with a satisfying, all-bone grinding crunch. Over the last few days I've been watching all these old movies on tv like Pulp Fiction and Grease etc, and they all have John Travolta in them. I must say that he has done an extremely good job at choosing his characters, cause they all suit him and they're all interesting. So, here's to you John, wherever you are now *tips hat in respect*.
*Coincidently, John Travolta suddenly drives down Oliver Street and parks his luxurious American car two doors down the street and hops out, smoothing over his black hair, before looking around and closing the car door.* *John Travolta calmly walks towards number 14, before stopping out the front to check the house number.* *John Travolta strides over towards the side gate, opens it, squeezes past the Nubira, takes a second or two to admire the backyard, scratches Jaffa under the chin, then continues to make his way up the back steps* *John Travolta opens the back screen door with confidence, and then walks through the kitchen, the dining room, through the lounge room, into the parents bedroom, realises he's in the wrong room, back tracks, enters Sam's room, enters the computer room and finds Sam Kirby typing innocently away onto what appears to be an online journal of some sort.* *John Travolta pulls out his hand gun and pistol whips Sam across the back of the head a few times.* *John Travolta straightens his tie and leaves via the front steps.* *John Travolta unlocks his car using the remote central locking button on his keys, before starting the engine, putting on his right indicator, and slowly drives off, humming to the radio.*


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As always, an excellent and amusing post by Master Kirbs...

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