Saturday, August 27, 2005

It's getting close to midnightish, and it's times like these when you can really appreciate a nice easy going blog to get me to sleep on time so

here I am. All present and accounted for. Tonight was culture night. I'm home alone, and I felt like I needed a bit more than just the old MSN and slab of music deal, so I switched on the telly-tube and settled in with a drink or two as I gazed upon the blue light district of Paris in a constant state of intrigue. The program was focused particularly on the district that contained the actual Moulin Rouge, surrounded by a suburb of art galleries and sex shops. It's completely like the valley in the city here, except better architecture. It talked about how these girls would train for years to dance in the Moulin Rouge, and over the years they would move up through the classes until they reached the ultimate goal where they would get to dance topless, which seems very odd, but all in the name of art they say. After that I watched most of the Amelie movie, which was quite good. Actually, I think Amelie is French too. So as I go to bed now I must say it's a better feeling to enjoy a night like this which is a little more varied in selection. Is it just me or do the days and nights all feel like you've already endured them over and over.


Blogger Dave said...

yup. theres a knawing feeling of "fuck it all ive had enough" there too...

10:58 PM  
Blogger kirbs said...

that's the one, yes.

10:59 PM  

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