Friday, August 12, 2005

You come along on summer days

They deftly manouvre and muscle for rank. Fuels burning fast on an empty tank. Reckless and wild, they pour through the turns. Their prowess is potent and secretly stern.

Everyone's gone kicking and screaming into isolation. Social ghost town. I can't help but join in, and here we are. Back in the quiet. Everyones leaving if not gone, and now all we can do is wait for the normal to reclaim its title. It does make me smile to see how things haven't changed for ages. For everyone else is being pushed along a path that will take them places, whether good or bad, yet places all the same, whereas here I can edge back into somewhere more familiar and smile the smile of someone who knows not of what will happen or why, nor feels it's his duty to. Either I'm slowing down while the rest is overlapping, or maybe I'm the one finally catching up. Just like sinking back into a chair you know so well, it's far too easy to let things slip over the top of you instead of sitting up and forcing it to go through you first. Probably a choice of lifestyle. Some prefer the line of fire, and some stay clear of it all together. I don't even know where the fire is. Ramble and gamble - the price we pay.


Blogger Dave said...

inspired kirbs. well done

4:23 PM  

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