Wednesday, September 07, 2005

scribbled lowlights and second readings

Hello All. Probably a lot that i could talk about this arvo but i just feel a bit brain dead, so i'm using this blog as a method of firing up the ol' noggin. Previously over this past week i've been totally munted with the workload, and in a way it feels cool to not be able to care about anything else. Yesterday my dad spent the entire day lying on the floor because he's messed his back up and can't move around, so it's sort of weird having to step over him every time i go out into the kitchen. By the way, I.p.t is really starting to piss me off, cause usually everyone is happy to help each other out, but because this assignment was so hard, everyone is keeping their work to themselves so they can get the good mark, which is totally how it should be, i agree, but this is the time i've needed their help the most. Right now there's actually this really awesome vibe outside, and the vibe has been there for quite a while now, which i'm willing to bet is the result of the end of winter, and nature's getting ready to have its way with us. Tomorrow will be such a good day for me - no more assignments or exams, and i get to cook a bit of meat at lunch for classics day. Hoorah lads, hoorah. Don't know what i'm doing in the licence department, cause i should've gone for it a while ago, but i'm too lazy and destined to fail the driving test, so for now i'll just enjoy the exercise. All good gigs coming up are eighteen and over gigs, but you already knew how frustrating that is seeing how we're onle one year away. Yeah, was hoping to see the hives, but their swedish accents just proved too sexy for our youthful ears. Try downloading some tism if you're bored and need some entertainment, such as the classics: whatareya and greg! the stop sign. Realised that none of the music today sounds as good as the old classic and epic songs, but i can't decide whether todays music will have the same result as the old music 20 years from now. Understandably, music had not been fully explored back then so it was still easy to write a kickarse song that wasn't copying someone elses tune. Doesn't matter though, this blog failed to keep my occupied so i'm going to ditch it and run. You all stay happy now, and enjoy the holidays coming up.


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nice post little one.

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cheers dave

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