Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Stay still, i'm working.

M'Hello there. I'm willing to bet that it's good to see you again. But let's not waste each others time with the filler, let's shuffle onto what we're here for. Hardcore nudity.
My commiseration goes out to Lizzy Wise who's party apparently got pillaged by the randoms who had nothing better to do than to ruin the mood, but I thank you for allowing me to turn up and stare at your friends. If you know me, you'd also probably know how unenthusiastic I can be when it comes to fitness, but from today onwards I'm going for my hardcore-far-out-totally-radical-Ian-Thorpish-fully-sick-bike ride-course which leaves me struggling to get home and walking around with the jelly legs syndrome. I love it, and plus I get to overlap the more dedicated joggers and wait till nobody's around in the quiet deserted sections and sing every vocal part I know to Alexisonfire, getting really into it before I spot another oncoming jogger and lower it down to a gentle yet hardcore thrashing hum. The only down side is that the tennis shorts I wear are really light weight, and the wind blows them further up my legs as I ride, thus exposing my angry white thighs. And yes, if thighs looked angry, these baby's would shoot to kill. If they had eyes they would be red fiery slits which would glare up at me and shriek in a loathesome, evil voice screeching "When you fall asleep tonight.. i'm going to cut you.. and summon creatures unbeknownst to man which will smother you and nibble your shins while you scream!" EVILLLLL.... EVILLLLL!
I also can't believe it. Lo and behold, I have to work the morning after Skeens party. Given that's a 6.30am start, I'm only willing to wager that 12pm will be the latest I could safely stay at Amy's now. Fannnnnntastic. <- Sarcasm. Next Sentence-> GOSS - Last time I was at kalinga park I noticed that there were people inside the Miniature Model Race Car cage, which means they might be starting it up again! WEOOOO!
And that's it. Thanks guys.
By the way, I managed to say 'hardcore' about 3 times in there. Oh, before I forget, if someone could go and buy me the new Bloodhound Gang cd i'd love you so badly. Like, crazy bad.

- Sam


Anonymous Anonymous said...

man of my dreams and beyond!!!!!! WOO HOO!

7:53 PM  
Blogger taraahhh said...

yeh damn those vocal parts to alexisonfire man!!! sam ur freaking hilarious... noop noop POON get that phesant outta here!

9:57 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

umm i downloaded it all do you want us to burn you a cd sammus?

4:40 PM  
Blogger kirbs said...

How'd you manage to download the whole album :| ? I tried downloading Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo and I never even got a working version of it.. sigh

1:26 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

try Limewire or Soulseek

11:01 PM  

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