Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fermit the Tog

Top of the evening to ya'll. My name is Sam and this is my blog. My blog used to be real ugly, but then he started feeling more self aware, and he's still ugly, but now he has better shoes. I let him hang out with me sometimes, and he promises to take me clubbing when I'm old enough. Not that I really want to go clubbing, but where else can you get into particularly awkward situations with loud noises and disorientating lights? I go for my license in 3 days, and I'm so incredibly scared it's not funny. I just hope it's a coincidence that I keep dreaming of a car drifting sideways into oncoming traffic at 147 km/h with the windscreen wipers swishing and flames roaring out of the bonnet with the driving instructor crying and me leaning out the driver's side window yelling "WHY ISN'T THE CLUTCH WORKING??!" in an automatic suzuki swift. I think it's just the equivalent of my imagination licking its finger and sticking it in my ear. Oh, we looked at a car today which I fell in love with, although it had too many things wrong with it to buy it (when they say "ONLY 1 LADY DRIVER!" this information can be taken two ways. This "lady" does not know much about cars, ie. how to take care of them. "What's that rattling?" "Umm.. win...dow..? *confused teenage girl look*... "Umm.. yeah I might pass, thanks anyway though.") So I felt downtrodden that I returned home in the car that we began with, but to make myself feel better I thought maybe some icecream would be good. And I couldn't find icecream so I bought jeans. Somehow I feel better.

- Sam.


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